Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five on the 5th {Piano Edition}

The three older boys take piano and recently played at Junior Federation.  They all played well and were relieved to have it behind them in this picture.

This is the "official" five on the 5th pic.

This is them at home before we left... 
... all looking very handsome.

This is just before they went in to play.  Lots of nervous energy here.

Samuel ran to me right after he was told the score he got and gave me the biggest hug.  I savored the moment and loved that a hug for me was what he wanted to do first :)  He's getting older and I don't expect these public displays of affection to last for too much longer.

This is just after they were finished playing in the recital.  I think what they were thinking about most in this picture is lunch.  Off to Canes we went to celebrate with chicken fingers, french fries, and Dr. Pepper.

Good job, boys!


Rebecca Thomas said...

They are all getting so big! Can't wait to see y'all soon!!

Krista Sanders said...

Loved running into you here-- felt like ULL all dressed up or something. Handsome boys.