Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Uncle Jim & Aunt Holly

 My aunt and uncle came all the way from Maryland to see us.  My parents have been staying with us since the end of January, and it has been a blast having a very full house.  Jim and Holly made it even fuller, in a good way.  They came bearing gifts for the boys.  One of the gifts they brought was a game called Ticket to Ride.  It's such a great game.  Get it if you're a board game kind of family.  I think they played it five times while they were here, and it's not a short game.  We just finished reading a book about the transcontinental railroad, so I personally loved them playing a game that was based off that period of history we had just studied.

Love this pic of the boys enjoying them.  Jimmy and Maj, I think your little girl is going to have some pretty fine grandparents, you think? :)

We went to the Botanical Gardens one afternoon before lunch.  Things are just about to bloom, so it wasn't the prettiest, but the boys still loved running around, enjoying nature.

The obligatory group photo.

Thanks, Jim and Holly, for making the trip, laughing with us, loving on the boys, and for leaving us with the best present... Season 3 of Downton Abbey :)  Let's do it again soon!


Jen said...

sweet family memories!

Angie said...

We LOVE Ticket to Ride! And I personally love Downton Abbey:) Fun to have family come visit!

Teresa said...

You were obviously busy being a mother of three young children, but Danell and I used to play Ticket to Ride at your house a lot :).

Anonymous said...
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Krista Sanders said...

Great pictures of the boys. We got the Ticket to Ride for Christmas and love it. We just haven't played since school started! : (