Monday, February 25, 2013

He'll Always Be My Baby

Get ready to see way too many pictures of Nathan.
He's losing his babyness (I don't want to talk about it ;) but I do want to share these pics.

In a suit Samuel wore for a wedding yesterday.  Okay, it only seems like yesterday but it was really 4 years ago.  I bribed him to put it on and humor me for 10 minutes.  

Samuel wearing the same suit.

Now I have to go and cry.

Inauguration 2013

Inauguration 2009 
(Please ignore my outfit and hair in this picture.  I'm making quite the fashion statement here, I know.  It was a hard couple of months when Cry Cry was a baby.  Please still be my friend).

His ice cream cart.

Helping me unpack.  Yes, we're still unpacking.  And he made it so much more fun as he responded with everything he opened like it was Christmas.

His signature camera smile.

Looking too big here, his hand in his pocket.

Thanks for putting up with that.  But you have to admit, he's pretty darn cute.


BrookieB said...

So cute! :)

Grace said...

Sarah, I am definitely still your friend. Especially since, no kidding, I am wearing nearly that same outfit. Navy shirt (PiPhi circa 1998, no less), and black workout pants with the white stripes down the side. And I won't lie, this is pretty much what I wear everyday. You are awesome and lovely. xoxo

nikki said...

he is so cute!! love the suit pictures- totally worth whatever you lost in the bribe!!
and, for sure still your friend. always and forever.

Teresa said...

He is such a mixture of Graham and Asher (from way back when they were 3 and 1 1/2)...which makes me feel old by the way. :) I miss the Wolfe Family

Amy said...

Such a doll.

Elma said...

Oh such cute pictures!! I know how you feel:( My baby is eight. I can't stand it. Love those little years.

Krista Sanders said...

Absolutely. I have a zillion picks of another blonde boy like that. I might just cry too.