Thursday, February 21, 2013


Tile.  Oh the tile.  Tile is very permanent.  While it's fun and pretty to look at pretty tile, it was NOT fun to coordinate tile for the whole house.  I solicited the help of several friends, one in particular (poor soul), who got the brunt of all of our tile angst.  I'm sooooooo glad all those choices are over and done.  The hardest part was not picking tiles that I liked, but coordinating them with the other features in the room.  I'm not good at picturing things that aren't 3D.  Friends were a big help in this department.

We were going with the themes of historical and timeless.  Tile is not fun to rip out.  I want to like it in 10 years.  If I used a trendier tile, I put it in a small area where it wouldn't be a big deal to change.
Carrara in the master shower.

A wet saw cut up in our bedroom.  

Subway tile for the boy's shower.

This tile for the boy's bathroom floor.

Small hexagon tile in the powder bath.  I LOVE this tile.  It was an easy decision.

This lantern tile for the guest bath.

This gray plank tile in the guest room.

Mudroom tile.

Living room fireplace.  This might be my favorite tile in the house.

Upstairs fireplace.

Subway tile backsplash.  I thought about doing something more fun, but I'm thrilled with how this looks.  It's a cheap and timeless option... the best of both worlds.

It's almost starting to look like a house now :)


Sara said...

I LOVE your tile choices!

nikki said...

looks soooo good!! you did a great job coordinating everything- and getting a timeless yet fun look!

Krista Sanders said...

It all looks so good. I think that tile will be there 'til Jesus comes back!

Elma said...

Oh I just love all the tile!!! I think you made such perfect choices and I love the subway tile in the kitchen!!!

sordar joy said...

Looks like we have a mutual admiration society forming.
Hexagonal floor Tile

Arthur Bryant said...

In my opinion, everything about tiles are difficult – from shopping and the whole process of installation itself. Good thing for you, you were able to pass through that now. Anyway, your house is shaping nicely and I'm sure by now, it looks better than this. How's it going?

>Arthur Bryant< @