Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flourish Retreat Recap

I snuck away a couple weekends ago to Flourish.  When Chris announced that he wanted to go to a baseball coach's clinic in January, we both decided I needed a getaway too :)  I wanted to go to the first Flourish, but the dates didn't work out.  I'm so happy that I got to go on this weekend.  After a difficult fall, the timing was perfect.  I was craving a quiet weekend with lots of time spent with the Lord.  And it's just what I got, with the added bonus of making 10 new friends :)
We're all different ages and in different places in our lives.  But we serve the same God.  We had a wonderful weekend of encouraging and praying for one another.  

Let me start from the beginning...

I hopped in the car and headed east.  Got me a Sonic drink.  It took me about an hour of driving to decide if I wanted something carbonated or if I wanted an iced coffee.  Do you ever have issues like that?
I chose the carbonation.

And drove east on I-30 for quite awhile.  I got to sing at the top of my lungs to whatever music I wanted to.  I have always loved my alone time.  Road trips are my favorite.

Emily and KK had the lake house prepared for us when we arrived.  All of the details were lovely.

It was a rainy, dreary kind of a weekend.  There's just something peaceful about being on the water.

The lake house was perfect.  The schedule was perfect.  It was a perfect combination of quiet time alone, time in the Word, teaching time, time to sit and talk with the other women there, and time to worship.

A definite highlight was meeting Emily.  I've followed her blog for years.  She's every bit as great as she seems.  Genuine, funny, loves her husband and family, exudes the reality of her relationship with the Lord.  I could say similar things about each of the women I met.  I guess it's kind of strange to go to a weekend where you don't know anyone.  But it didn't feel strange.

Another highlight was hearing from KK.  She reminded us of truths in Scripture and encouraged us to make our relationships with our children and husbands more intentional.  It was all good stuff.
I'm bummed I don't have a picture with her... besides the group photo :(

When the weekend ended, I had the glorious car ride home (I chose iced coffee on the way home, in case you were wondering).  I came home feeling rested and ready to face my reality... a wonderful reality it is.  I am blessed.

I missed my Superhero.


TJ Wilson said...

Oh - I want to hear more! Glad I have a road trip with you coming up. I'm all ears. Love the photos, the whole thing sounds amazing. I know you blessed these women. Looking forward to Sonic & Starbucks...

Haunani Thunell said...

Oh, that sounds like a dream weekend. That's exactly what I would do...Sonic, sing at the top of my lungs, enjoy the quiet time in the car almost as much as the weekend itself, and bask in the glow of connecting spiritually with other women. I'm so envious.
Love your blog!

Elma said...

What a beautiful lake house!! Sounds like the most wonderful weekend!!

Krista Sanders said...

Love that you went. Love that you got time alone. Love that you got to meet that sweet Emily who has loved you well from afar. Love that you got Sonic AND Starbucks! ; )