Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Indoor games

This is one of his favorite games.
It works great on our slick wood floor.

And only sometimes results in injury.

But he still loves it.

Graham loves a good game of checkers.  Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for indulging him.

And there's always money laundering.

I love watching these boys play.


Krista Sanders said...

Beautiful Blonde Boy

Angie said...

So fun! Mine like the "magic carpet ride" too! Our whole house is wood floors so it works great.

Teresa said...

I always loved being the littlest in the family because I was the one who got pulled/pushed (sometimes in laundry baskets) and never had to be the one doing the hard work!

Danell said...

So sweet to see them playing together. It makes me flash forward to when mine will play together more:)