Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Blogiversary {Let's try this again!}

Well, I finally got Thursday's post back, but I'm sorry to say that your comments have disappeared into cyberspace.

But I've decided to add in a little extra fun because of all the confusion.
And to increase your change of winning.
I'm still giving away the $25 Starbucks gift card (of course).
But I will also be giving away 5 - $5 gift cards, also to Starbucks.
So there will be SIX chances to win!

But I did lose all of your comments on Friday, so PLEASE comment again.
Remember in your comment to leave what you would most like to see from this blog in the next year.  
I've loved reading all of your suggestions.  It really is helpful to me.
There are some that have commented again on the last couple of posts and that is great.  I will include those.  The rest of you, leave your comment at the end of this post.
Assuming all goes well (come on Blogger, don't fail us now), I will close the contest Tuesday at midnight, and post the winners on Wednesday.

Thanks for doing this again with me!
Here is the post from Thursday.


Well, friends, it's been a year.
A year ago today, I sat down and wrote a post about how great my husband is.
The rest is history.

As a special thank you for reading this blog, I'm doing my very first giveaway.
I'm sort of nervous about it for some unknown reason.
I wanted to do something creative, but ran out of time.  So yesterday, I picked this up.

It has $25 on it.  Starbucks cards are one of my favorite gifts.

I'm giving it away as a thank you for reading my blog.
And being interested in what we are up to.
And for looking at endless pictures of my boys.

Like this one I posted exactly on May 12 last year.
I may cry looking at this one because they are so much bigger now.

You have encouraged me.  I can't tell you how great it makes me feel when you say, "Hey, I love reading your blog."  Or, "I used your cookie recipe and loved it."  Or, "You have inspired me to do this or that."

I have also greatly appreciated your comments, some from friends, and others from strangers who are becoming friends.  Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions.  I love reading both.

So, if you want to win the Starbucks card, leave a comment telling me what you most want to see from this blog in the next year at the end of this post.  I'll close the giveaway on Friday at midnight, and post results on Saturday.

I'm excited to read your comments.
I love blogiversaries!
Don't you?



The Angelos said...

I just love being able to watch your family grow from afar! As a mom of 2 boys I love hearing all you do with them and keeping life fun, interesting, and purposeful. Hope to meet all those boys sometime soon. Love and miss you!

Liz said...

Happy 12-month-iversary!

I love all the pics and the fact the blog posts are short; when I see you've posted again, I usually know I can read them right away instead of putting it in the "when I have time" file which never seems to get cleared.

And I'm seriously considering doing wedding contracts for my daughters; I just don't want to tell them. It's a bit early to hassle with all the rebellion and whining, I think.

Kristen said...

I love reading your blog, love seeing the pics of your cute boys, and would love to see some snippets of your homeschool days every now and then.

Marcia said...

Sarah....I absolutely love the stories about the boys and life in general. What you are learning as you teach and train them. Keep it up!
The Whitings love the Wolfes!

Marcia said...

Sarah---I just love reading the stories of you and Chris and the boys. It is encouraging and humbling at the same time. Keep up the great work. We are all blessed by it. The Whitings LOVE the Wolfes:)

Sue said...

As a mom, you are always thrilled when your children choose good friends,and that is true even when your kids are grown. I love that you and Nikki are in that category, and it means that I can read your blog and not only be inspired, but sometimes be surprised by pictures of my grandkids! Keep up the good work...your children and their spouses will treasure these posts some day! Much love from a grateful grandma!

Sally said...

Yay! I want to hear more day to day details. Like the toy organization. How do you buy groceries and cook for a family of seven in an economical way? How do you teach and then entertain 5 kids from sun up to sun down. I want the schedule.;) Give us the secret.;)

Sarah said...

My comments all disappeared from my post on Thursday also.
I would love to hear more how you organize your house...I remember that cool pic of all your little baseball uniforms lined up...we are sometimes inundated by sports equipment around here.

Lori said...

Glad for a chance to repost since i originally posted as my Graham :)

I love reading your blog because it constantly encourage me to keep it laid-back and embrace those teachable moments.

I'd love to see more of the little projects you do with the boys (like 25 days of cookies) but I also really enjoy the 'real' moments - like the swept floor pile. :) Glad to see someone else's day-to-day looks like mine.

Beth said...

I want to see more pictures of your pack of boys! And, I'd love it if you posted some of your money-saving tips :-) and recipes that you make that are easy and fast. I still love the mini chicken chili cups recipe!
Happy Blogiversary!

Chris said...

I want to hear more about your amazing husband.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your family and it's so much fun to hear the funny, and sweet stories that happen in your life!
Also I really like the recipes that you've posted that are both good on the tongue and the budget!
I hope that you continue to post all of these things, but also that you'd write about how you incorporate God in your everyday life...memory verse...prayer...
reading the Bible, etc.
Again love all of you and can't wait to see some baseball games!
Stephanie Whiting

Follower of Christ said...

Hey Sarah, don't know if my comment got erased sooooo what I had said was that I loved your posts about homeschooling. I love how you are so organized yet flexible. We will start next year and I need all the tips I can get! :)

Keri O

Jillian said...

I am a 26 year old, single girl in Mississippi who stumbled upon your blog from Krista Sanders blog. And it's now become one of my favorites! I check several times a week. :)

Lord willing, one day I want to be a mom of 4-5 kids and as a teacher right now, would love to homeschool my kids. So I love reading just about how much fun and joy you have in staying home with your boys. And any creativity and organization tips you have are so great!

I just love reading about any women who love the Lord, and love being a wife and mother!

Steph Watson said...

I love reading your "how you do it" posts i.e. how you organize your school room just as I enjoyed the helpful info you shared with our mom's group on discipline. Those types of posts are practical help and give me hope that if you can master it with 5, I can attempt it with 2. I also loved the 25 days of cookie posts during the holidays and would like to hear more of how you make your holidays meaningful and memorable.


Summer Jones said...

What a blog! Congratulations on your first anniversary!

I too posted before, but so it goes...

You have a terrific ability to capture the moment and your transparency and creativity make for a great read.

You know I am partial to baseball, so keep that a coming.

Also, any laundry tips are always appreciated as cleaning stinky boy clothes, I know you have some!

Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your life with us, it's blessed me!


nikki said...

what i love:
1. your pics!! always so fun to look at!
2. your links under "they say it better"- always meaningful!
3. seeing one of my kids pop up over here and being reminded of how glad i am that we get to live life together!
4. your specifics on how you structure things- like how on 25days of cookies- you had one boy help at a time.

what i want more of:
1. 1-4 above mentioned. :)
love you!

sarahlandt said...

I love the starbucks tips on how to get my coffee for less...keep it comin'! =)

Amy Harlien said...

I LOVE seeing your organization with your kiddos! While I don't homeschool, I think it is so cool to see how you have your little classroom. You have to be one super organized Momma to have FIVE boys and a sweet husband in the house! Thanks for all your tips!

Matt said...

I want to hear more about your amazing husband's thrifty coworkers.

Amy said...

I've been following your blog for the last few months and I love it! I love to hear of your homeschooling adventures, how you organize your life, and the "Embrace the Camera" feature.

Oliver Days said...

I don't think I know how to leave a comment!!!! Arg!!! I love you and your family in general! You boys make me laugh. You help with my sanity when I dont know what to on those "yah right" homeschooling days. And your hubby has been more of a blessing to our family than I can even begin to tell. We don't get tonhang out a lot but when we do it's wonderful and we enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I love that you are having a give away!! So fun! i just love your your you...and your crazy husband!! I agree with Amy as of last night, you should totally have a once a week post about the newest deal you have come across, you always have the best ideas! Melissa Gose
ps It will only let me post as anonymous but it is me...

yankeechick said...

It's so fun and inspiring to see your photos of daily life! I've really enjoyed the tips of getting "cheap" Starbucks. And the post on Legos was probably my all-time favorite - what great ideas! So, maybe more posts on daily living, money-saving tips on crucial things like coffee (!!) and organization ideas! Oh, and some fun and different ideas for activities to do with boys during the summer. -Rachel H.

Mary Ruth said...

I just found your blog through "Moments with Love" and I'm excited to be a follower!

Congratulations on the blog-iversary!!!

Laurie J said...

I forget what I wrote on thursday--the day where everyone was singing, "where have all the comments gone"? but I really enjoy reading your heart for Jesus, raising your boys, and Starbucks $-saving tips. I LOVE Starbucks so I'm really hoping you pick ME ;) !!

Teresa said...

Okay, I wanted to comment to say Happy Blogiversary! But don't enter me in the drawing because I don't drink coffee :) Now, a gift card to get me some yummy chocolate milk, I'd go for ;) I love your blog because it reminds me of a great time in my life and I get to see your boys grow up. I love that you're including pictures of yourself more often. I would love to see more of the creative stuff you do with the boys--art projects, leggos creations, etc.

ps. Is Chris allowed, as the husband, to be entered into the drawing? Don't giveaways normally exclude family members!

love said...

this is my first time here, [from your comment--thank you!] your family is precious! i see you homeschool & am very interested in families that do that with many little ones. hoping we're there soon! =)