Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One More Day

These boys are excited to give you your Starbucks card.

Keep your comments coming.
You have until midnight tonight to win your Starbucks card. 
I know I have LOTS of cheap friends, so come on, leave a comment on yesterday's post and one of these cute boys may draw your name tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


meg duerksen said...

hi sarah.
you look SO familiar to me.....do i know you?! for real.

you asked me what lens i used....24-70mm f/2.8 ....the only lens i own. :)

you have a fabulous blog and a blessed home. FIVE boys! wow. so so cool.

The Mitchell Family said...

I love me some Starbucks! Your $2.11 drink has changed my previous Starbucks-free life. :)

Katherine said...

Wait, so I'm confused.... does my other comment count, or did it get deleted when you were having those blog problems? Am I still in the running? :-)

Krista Sanders said...

Snooze you lose! Your day must have gone like mine-- books still on my porch. Love this idea. Can’t wait to see who wins!

Amy said...

wow! Meg Duerksen commented on your blog! sweet. Your boys are so cute! I love how they are so into baseball. I want to have a house full of boys too. Maybe we will! ;)