Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the winners are...

We had so much fun drawing names this morning.
I have to admit.  I was really tempted to cheat and just pick names of who I wanted to win.
You know, people who I thought might NEED a pick-me-up.
Or people who I want to like me.  Isn't that evil of me?  Yes, it is.
But I promise I did it the fair way.

Chris drew the $25 winner as he was out the door to work.
Amy, congratulations to you!  There were 3 Amy's who entered, but this is the one that said, "I've been following your blog for the last few months and I love it! I love to hear of your homeschooling adventures, how you organize your life, and the "Embrace the Camera" feature."

The kids drew for the $5 winners.  Eyes closed (if they can read).

Jopie drew Kathryn Whiting.  The boys were so excited that their babysitter won!

Cry Cry drew Matt Gulde.  Matt was the one and only male to enter our giveaway, and for that reason alone, I'm so happy he won.  But another reason is that Matt enjoys a bargain just as much as I do and he'll enjoy his free drink at Starbucks more because it was free.  Congrats Matt!

Samuel drew love who said, "this is my first time here, [from your comment--thank you!] your family is precious! i see you homeschool & am very interested in families that do that with many little ones. hoping we're there soon! =)

Click over to her blog here.  I have enjoyed it for some time.  You will be inspired by her growing family!

Asher drew Stephanie Whiting.  Can you believe a sister pair won?  Kathryn and Stephanie are two of our favorite babysitters.

And last but not least, Lisa Oliver.  That makes three winners from our church.
Love that!

So there you have it.  Lisa, Stephanie, and Kathryn, I know how to find you.
Moments with love, I know how to find you!
Amy, I don't know how to find you, so please leave your email address in my comments and I will get your Starbucks card to you asap.

Thanks to all of you who commented.  I loved reading your kind words and suggestions.


KathrynW said...

haha... Thank you Jopie! Love all the boys faces. :) Cry-Cry seemed to really enjoy drawing.

Anonymous said...

Whoooo-Hooo!!!!! Rock on! Thanks Asher for drawing my name :D :D :D

Oliver Days said...

Woohoo!! I'm so excited! I never win anything :0) Thanks Sarah!!!!

Amy said...

lol! woohoo! I never win anything. (Can you tell?) This is the Amy who is married to the Josh who probably drives your man bonkers at work. :) And this giveaway was such a fun idea, I'm going to have to steal it for my blog. (With proper attribution of course -- is that OK?) C'mon over and enter soon...

Niki said...
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Niki said...

Oh man, are you sure they didn't draw my name? I need to have a talk with your boys! Congratulations all. I love the pics of the boys and your generous heart, always. I know it brought you much joy to give these away.