Monday, June 6, 2011

Cross another one off the list

Some believe that you should tell kids that they can do anything, that if they put their mind to something, the sky's the limit.

 I like to be a bit more realistic as I talk to my boys about their futures.  For example, when Asher tells me he wants to play for the NBA, I tell him, statistically speaking, that is unlikely.  Most players in the NBA are taller than 5'9".  It's not impossible, but unlikely.
Asher has a little fear of thunderstorms.
Well, actually, he has a big fear of thunderstorms.
When he found out we lived in Tornado Alley, he started to cry.

This is Asher in the bathroom hiding during a storm.
Good thing we went to Nascar lately and bought these stylish things.

We had a good round of thunderstorms in the month of May.  They were devastating in many parts of country.  We were blessed here to have milder versions of the storms to the north of us.
But any hint of the cloud in the sky, Asher begins to get nervous.  He knows the weather forecast at all times.  When he hears thunder, he runs to get these.

He passed his phobia on down the family line.

But not with these two.  Graham and Samuel might be a storm chasers.  They love a good storm.
They were outside while Asher was on the bathroom floor.

I'm not sure if Asher can be anything he wants to be.  
I think storm chaser should be crossed off his list.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Sam and Graham on this one, the more storms around the better!!!

Krista Sanders said...

I knew this through a conversation we had but these pictures just solidify the facts. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I was tornado terrified as a child. So much so that I would run drills to see how quickly I could get into the bathroom and put the bean bag over my head. My mom wrote "At what time I am afraid I will trust in Thee, Psalm 56:3" on a post-it note and left it stuck to the back of the bathroom door for me. Now, I'm a storm chaser all the way. Things change. People change. I'm still rooting for Asher!