Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Mighty Phillies.

This Phillies season was a special one.  We won the regular season and the tournament.  It's fun to win, but it's way more fun to play with people that you love to be with.  The end of the season party felt more like a family gathering than an obligatory event.  It was a season filled with good kids, good parents, and good baseball.  And I know you know me well enough to know I'll overload you with pictures now...

Chris was the head coach for Samuel and Jopie's team.  It was a diverse team.  We had amazing 5 and 6 year-olds, and then we had four 4-year olds.
They made our team special.
Here's a collage made in their honor.

This was Samuel's last year to be in Pee Wee.
I will miss him playing here.

He played pitcher (mostly) this season.

Sometimes first base.  Unfortunately, I never got a photo of him catching a ball.  I was too busy chasing this guy.

Luckily at this moment, he was preoccupied.

Samuel is a quiet soul but when it comes to baseball, he is pretty intense.

He will always be my little boy.

And I hope his ears always stick out from his hat like this.

On to my other favorite Phillie.  Jopie played great this year.  He really improved, thanks to Samuel's coaching.

This is pretty much what he did in the outfield.

And mostly what he did when he batted.

But most of all, he had a great time. 
Everybody loves Jopie.  Really.  Everyone does.  Even the cool, bigger kids.

With daddy on first base.

And never serious like this picture.
But isn't it cute?

Chris is a great coach.

The girls and Chris with their trophies.

Phillies.  Regular season champions.

Phillies.  Tournament champions.  I might have more photos of this glorious moment, but we had to (literally) run out of there to avoid tornado warnings.  We all ended up at Braums for about an hour, waiting out the storm.  

These boys.  They won't always be this little.  They won't always win.  
It was a good spring, boys.
Love you.


Sarah said...

Can my little guys play on your team? We would be happy to fly them down for practices and games! :)

Brent and Keri Osterberg said...

*tears* my goodness they are precious! I hope Pete gets into it like yours do. :) They are so fun to watch!

TJ Wilson said...

goodness, love these photos, sarah - what an incredible season for ALL of us. and yes - he's a great coach!

Krista Sanders said...

Adorable -- all the way around-- from the coach to those gals in PINK helmets. And yes, I hope Samuel’s ears always do that too. It just matches his precious grin.

TORI said...

Oh my goodness! I was thinking the same thing about Samuel's ears when I saw the pictures of him wearing his baseball hat. He's super sweet!