Monday, June 4, 2012

Front Yard Play

Our back yard is about the size of a postage stamp.
So we mostly play in the front yard.

And, yes, since our little community is gated and very small, we often play in the street.  
I'm a very bad mother.
We'll have to teach Cry Cry at the new house that streets are indeed dangerous places.

We picked up this plastic car out of the trash and brought it home when Graham was little.

It's been a favorite of all of our boys at some point.  
Right now Nathan LOVES it.

The older boys usually play baseball.

Jopie is one happy pitcher.

He's the smiling-est kid I know.

And then there's this kid who thinks the whole world has done him wrong.

But I think it's just an act.

He can be just as happy as the next guy.

Happy Monday!


Krista Sanders said...

Your captions tell a great story. Love these pictures.

Sarah said...

Adorable!!! I miss those boys!