Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wood Floors

After the sheet rock came the wood floors.  I think they install these before the other flooring because they have to sit awhile in the house to settle before they sand and stain them.
First they labeled all the areas that were wood.

Next came the subfloor. 

Even that gave it such a different look.

The school room.

And office.

I think the wood floor people really embrace the whole idea that it looks worse before it looks better.

Because it was a mess everywhere.

But by the afternoon, it looked like this.

View from the top of the stairs to the living room.

Kitchen.  This is where the island will go.

Installed it looked like this.

Isn't it pretty?

View into the pantry.

The school room all finished.

Living room.
This was the first time it felt more like a home, and less like a construction site.
I love the floors and am excited how they will look finished.


Elma said...

Oh my word the floors are going to be so awesome!! You must post a picture of the front of the house!!!

Leslie Bannister said...

I love your floors! and I love that now I have an id and can comment on your musings-

Denise said...

they do embrace "it looks worse before it looks better." but it is going to look so good!