Monday, June 25, 2012

4 years ago.

We are having computer issues.  It's our own fault.  The busyness of life has overtaken us and our computer.  Our computer is totally full.  We also need to switch to iCloud by June 30.  I'm just not sure what to do.  I don't think we have enough space to update to the new operating system so that we can switch to iCloud.  Help.  I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow night and I'm hoping they can solve all of my woes.  Meanwhile, since my computer won't let me put one more image on it, let's go back in time.  These images are from four years ago, 3 months before Nathan was born.

Graham was six.  We hardly had any evening activities.  
Our nights were free for things like shucking corn on the deck.

They didn't seem like babies at the time, but they were.  
All of them.

We read more books.  They were really into Richard Scarry books.

Joseph would sit in this chair for nearly an hour and eat corn and watermelon.

Asher took that string from his blanket and rubbed his ear with it when he was going to sleep.
He doesn't do it any more :(

Heading to church one Sunday.

Me (and Nathan) reading to Joseph.  I loved that pacifier.
He was the perfect baby because of it.

Asher used to check out every Berenstein Bear book out of the library, back when we made time to go to the library every week.

Daddy showing the boys something on the world wide web.

The Lego craze had just begun.

We set up a card table in our living room just to accommodate.

Mostly, I'm reminiscing these days because they seemed simpler.  In some ways, the days were more emotionally exhausting.  I counted down the MINUTES until Chris got home.  The boys were sweet, but you know how toddlers can wear on you.  At about 4:00, my bag of tricks was empty and Chris often didn't get home until 6:30 or 7:00.  Those hours were long. 

What has changed?  The boys are older.  They have activities.  School takes more and more time.  Things like piano, baseball, swimming, basketball, and Scouts take over those quiet evenings.  It's rushing here and there constantly through the day.  Back then I was a little lonely and bored.  I can't complain about that now.  There's hardly a quiet evening around here, and when there is, it's treasured. 

I guess there's nothing I can do about it.  Those early years are gone.  My boys are older.  Life has a different pace.  In some many ways, I like this phase more.  We are out and about more.  I get to see my boys growing up before my very eyes.  I get to see them interact with this great big world. 

I tried to enjoy those early years as much as I could.  I was pregnant and nursing so much of the time.  In some ways, it's all a blur.   I think I could have done better.   I could have lost my temper less and cleaned the house less in order to enjoy them more.  

With each one of them, it comes and goes only once. 
And pretty soon, the Thomas trains are replaced with baseball mitts.
It's just that sometimes, like today, I miss those train noises.
And I miss those early years.


The Mitchell Family said...

A great reminder for me! I try so hard to enjoy everything, amidst the chaos. Most of the time, I think I'm doing a pretty good job at it...but I know I can get caught up in "things to do" at times. Life with a 4, 3, 2, and 7month old - probably pretty close to your life four years ago. Love, you, Sarah! Seriously, we need to get together!

Amy said...

I'm going to bawl my eyes out!! Already Coen is phasing out of trains. Thanks for writing this. I'm going to make an extra effort to enjoy this time. <3

Sarah said...

I do too...I went through a hard adjustment because I missed those years so much when the first three got older...those sweet moments are irreplaceable!

sherrie said...

Just a random stranger here. Loved this post - it is hard to let go of those years for sure. Really hard some days. ALSO- I'd love to see loads of pictures of your house. I'm an all boy mom and it looks like we may be building in the future. I'd love ideas from someone putting a real house together - not just a room to be photographed.

Jess Judkins said...

These are seriously the sweetest pictures! Made me smile

Jennifer said...

Lovely post...I think we as mothers have to constantly remind ourselves to not allow all the "busyness" and stress of our lives interfere with the everyday special moments that we are given to share with our children.