Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have a confession to make.  I'm many weeks behind (blog wise) with where the house is.  I haven't been able to keep up with it all.  Blogging, baseball, home schooling, feeding my family, keeping my house clean.  This last month, we've eaten out more than we have in our family's history.  My house is borderline embarrassing.  I quit schooling a couple of weeks early because it was just too much.  We'll finish when we get in the house and the afternoons are long and hot, and when we don't have to start getting ready for baseball at 4:00.  

The good news is that we are having lots of fun.  We are out late most nights eating out after a baseball game or practice.  While the boys don't enjoy going over the house as much as we do, they usually find something to do.  Lately it's been hitting little pebbles with a stick in the back yard.
And for me, it's loads of fun to see what you dreamed up in your head come to life.
It's fun to see your boys have fun playing on their baseball teams with super families.
But as a mom, I'm failing in so many areas.  I know life won't be prefect when we get in the house.  But I'm hoping that it will be different.  That being in a permanent place will inspire me to be more disciplined.

On to cabinets.  The cabinets arrived, and by the next evening, they were up and looking pretty.  
Our cabinet guys, Hank and John, were fabulous.  They never made me feel like the stupid girl that I am who knows nothing about cabinets.

Enjoy these pics of how our living room and kitchen have taken shape.
TV cabinet to the left of the fireplace.  Those doors slide out to hide the television, which I love.
We watch some tv as a family, mostly sports, but I didn't want it to be the focal point of the living room.

The kitchen cabinets being put in.

Open cabinetry to the left and right of the sink.
These particular cabinets were inspired by Sara at August Fields who got her inspiration from Sally Wheat.  

This is where the sink will go.  I love that I get to look out that window on to the front porch.  
This was our architect's idea.  Originally, we were trying to get the sink to overlook the back yard, but it just wasn't working because I didn't want the main sink in the island.  I think this was the perfect solution.  Plus, it's tucked away so I can hide my dirty dishes :)

The island.

I love the way the hood turned out.  I think I looked at every hood on pinterest and houzz before deciding on this style.

My desk in the pantry.
I know I'm not neat enough to have a desk out in the main kitchen area.  This way I can stack my piles in here when company comes over.

In the meantime, the kids messed around in the back yard.

 Or peaked in through the window.

This is a different day when it was all done.

I can't wait to cook in here.


Melissa said...

I celebrate cabinets with you! and baseball and boys! It is an accomplishment to be able to say what you are enjoying in this busy, crazy season of parenting and building a home. That's enough discipline, in my book.

Krista Sanders said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! You can’t wait to cook in there- I can’t wait to EAT in there! It looks so good. All of it!
Oh, and glad to find out you aren’t SuperWoman disguised as a really cute baseball mom. Really cute.

thethomfamlee said...

Oh it is looking so good! Can't wait to come to dinner and help you cook in that kitchen. Hang in there, almost done!

Elma said...

Love the kitchen!!!

Sarah said...

I have total kitchen envy! I love it already.

Summer said...

Your kitchen rocks!! I miss baseball already. Uniforms were all washed and ready as of 9:00 am this morning. Just couldn't help it, such a habit! Loved every minute of being with your great family!