Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Community Group

Our church recently formed Community Groups for the women to connect and learn truths from God's Word.  Before now, it wasn't much of a need.  Our church was small enough that you could have womens' events and catch up with everyone without a problem.  Our church has grown a bit, so now we meet monthly in homes in addition to larger gatherings.  This last month in our sweet group, we got to celebrate Kassey.  Even though I'm the leader of our particular group, I did nothing this night except show up and take a few pictures.  These girls went all out to show Kassey how much she is loved.  

The table was a reflection of what Kassey loves.

 When we were all given the chance to tell Kassey things we like about her, a resounding theme was this:  Kassey has the God-given gift to show up, do what's needed, and to just be with you in whatever you are doing.  I shared how earlier that week Kassey had stopped me at church and asked me what she could do for me that week.  I was floored.  No one has asked me that in a long time.

Kassey is also good at loving on other peoples' kids.

 Let's pause for a second and focus on this one's lovely head of hair.

And the sweetest baby ever.  She made exactly two peeps during our group.  Both were happy noises.

This is one of the fun thing about our group.  There's always a baby to hold.  In the next month, someone is having twins, and another just found out she's preggo with her fifth. 

 Evelia with her momma.

 Just couldn't resist adding this one in.

 Our group.. most of us anyway.

Happy Birthday, Kassey!
Thanks for letting us celebrate you.


Niki said...
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Niki said...

Cute baby. Her hair reminds me of Claire's. Looks like a fun gathering.

Sarah said...

Niki, she does remind me of Claire, personality too. She's super laid back and go with the flow :)

Krista Sanders said...

Love that baby’s hair! The group is blessed to have you as their leader.

Denise said...

what a fun gathering. love the creativity.