Thursday, May 24, 2012

Embrace the Camera {Piano Recital}

I love that our boys get to take music lessons.  Piano is such a different world than their baseball/athletic world.  It's a great balance for them.  We have a fabulous piano teacher.  Many people have told me she's one of the best in Fort Worth.  Now, that doesn't mean that my boys are going to be Mozart or anything.  BUT it does mean that she pushes them to their potential.  And I love that she pushes them.  I have a little bit of the Tiger mom in me.  I want the boys to work hard in whatever they do, whether it be baseball, school work, chores or piano.  I want them to learn how to push themselves to do things they didn't think they could do.  There's a shortage of hard working young men out there, and I pray these boys will leave our house knowing the value of hard work.  

Their ribbons and medals.  Medals for the theory test.  Ribbons for completing Mrs. Travis's list of expectations. 

I got an award too.  I was hoping it was because Mrs. Travis thought this woman on the trophy looked liked me, but that wasn't the reason.  It was for getting up at 6:00 every Monday and Wednesday and dragging the boys out of bed.

Graham and Asher played their first duet for the recital.  So sweet to hear them play together.

A special thanks for Aunt Judy for coming to cheer them on :)

Embrace the Camera here.


Sophie said...

Ahhh... Piano recital season:-) I think one of the very best gifts my parents have given me are music lessons- and making me practice! I wouldn't trade playing the piano for anything. Your boys are already such good musicians... you're giving them a huge gift! I really enjoy listening to them play when I babysit.:-)

Krista Sanders said...

Those proud faces!!!!! I love the contrast with baseball-- I think these grins are bigger! What do you think? And, Sarah, you look just like that trophy. You stand around like that in drapey cloth all the time.