Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Picture Overload

This is post is mostly for the grandparents.  If you hang with me through all these pictures, you must really love me.
We opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa on the 23rd.

Asher loves crafting... love this about him.

Graham loves camping.  And so does his grandpa.  So naturally, every boy needs some fire to play with.

Fishing in his Minnesota t-shirt.

Love how he gets this excited about every present.

Remember this post.  Well, we like to foster his fear.

He loves his "something to read" present.

Jopie got a doctor kid.  My mom does a pretty good sick person, doesn't she?

Garland out of leftover craft paper.  I'm a little like my mother that way.  I can't stand to waste a couple of perfectly good pieces of paper.

Santa came.  He does our stockings.

Holding back the herd.

Cereal in the tree was a hit again this year.

And gloves for playing football outside.

Gourmet Christmas breakfast.  Mommy was too tired to get up and make something.  
But my mom made us a wonderful egg dish... thanks Mom!

Cars 2 movie.  They were all anticipating owning this movie.  And they watched it about five times already, but what are holidays for, right?

This play dough thing I found on clearance at Target was a hit.

For the young and the old.

And the really old.  Sorry, Mom and Dad.

Chris teaching Samuel how to download music.

The best dishwashers ever.  Really.

Wolfe men sure are handsome, aren't they?

Asher singing away.

Christmas happiness.

Enjoying tuning everyone out.

Love my Jopie.

We all love this Santa.

Lots of big hugs.

And smiles.  Go Rangers!

Love how they gather around.

I got a camera bag.  They know me well.

Even Daddy got a new toy.

I love this game.

Graham making us all pancakes with his new camping stove.

More hugs.

We are really excited about this present.

Watch out, Tiger.  The Wolfe boys are here.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, Papa and Tandy.  You gave gifts, but mostly, I loved how your gifts represented each of us so well.  You know us.  Thanks for loving us well.


nic said...

you have the happiest household, and i adore your paper garland! y'all do christmas beautifully.

ps loved the fear-fostering. :)

Traci said...

All your boys are so darn cute!! Five little stepping stones:)) Happy New Year!

Summer said...

Thank you for your Christmas card! It was beautiful and I adore everything you wrote! Happy new year!!