Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Graham's 10th

Can it be?  Is it possible that 10 years have passed?  
I've been a mother for 10 years... the fastest 10 years of my life thus far.  And from what I hear, they just keep going faster.  
I don't get sad about Graham getting older the same way I do his brothers.  Graham has always been an old soul.  He talks about being an adult all the time.  He'll be ready to leave the house when it's time.  He's dying to be a man, just like Daddy.

And a good example he has.

He's content to be at a table full of women for his birthday lunch.  
He actually enjoys the conversation.

He's fine with his littlest brother blowing out his birthday candles.  That's the kind of big brother he is.

These last years, his walk with God is becoming his own.
His prayers are sincere.  He begs me to talk with a certain neighbor about Christ.
Nothing like being convicted by your own son. 

I love this boy.  My oldest boy.
And I'm not sad about you growing up (well, maybe just a little), because I'm excited to see the man you will become.

I love you, Graham.
I love that you still call me Mommy, even though you're 10.
You are the perfect leader of the Wolfe Pack.

Happy birthday to you.


Mary Emma said...

So sweet and precious!
I remember coming to meet him
After he was born!!! And then sitting with you two at one of Jenny's soccer games
Can't believe that was 10 years ago!
So sweet to hear how he sounds so precious and mature! What an example! But with you two
As parents I am not at all surprised!!
Happy 10th birthday graham

Amy said...

How sweet!!

Anne said...

Welcome to the double digits, dude! :-) Happy birthday from the Shaw clan!

Lori said...

Graham, I owe you a birthday date!! I've already got it planned: me, you, McDonalds, 2 pieces of rope, and your knot-tying book (plus some hot fries and 2 large sodas, of course). So tell your parents to bring you back to Branson soon!!! I miss you. Happy Birthday.
Mrs. Boldman