Thursday, January 19, 2012


Boys and garbage trucks.

We spend a lot of time at this table.  Like it or not.

This is the one who was slower to pick up on the reading thing, but now is my most avid reader.


Mandatory reading time.  They always groan when it's reading hour, but once they settle in, it's okay.

Piano.  Love to be able to play, but not so much the practicing.

Again, lots of hours at this table.

Doing one thing or the other.

Sometimes I even let them paint, but only when I'm feeling nice.

Cry Cry asleep with his blanket all wrapped around him. 

I need to remind myself to take more of these kinds of pictures.  It's fun to have great photos of the kids all cute and matchy, but even more sentimental to have these pictures of the typical dailies in our home.


Sally said...

I found myself wanting to click "Like" on the "I let them paint if I'm feeling nice." comment... So true. Ha!:)

Becky Pike Pluth said...

Just read an article today about kairos love a few moments of each day. This would be an example!

Sarah said...

I love your new blog look! And it's funny-my son who was the slowest to get started reading is my most avid reader also. I think partly it could be because I exerted the least amount of pressure-just let it happen by itself with no worries.

Joyce Bademan said...

I surely miss the "dailies" at the Wolfe home. I am missing you all.

Niki said...

I still remember Graham stopping to watch the garbage truck when we were walking home from the park across the street from your old house. He wasn't moving until it was gone : )

Krista Sanders said...

Inspired to do the same. Great pics. Jeff and I have thought of pictures we wish we had-- but the particular time is gone. Can’t be duplicated, can it?? I love the one at the school table with you in it-- taken from a kid’s angle.