Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They Say it Better {Bible Reading Plan}

I started a Bible reading plan this January, and I'm loving it.  Chris encouraged me to try it after he read this blog post from Tim Challies.  I won't go to great lengths to explain the theory behind this particular reading plan because Challies does it so well.

I've started many Bible reading plans in my day.  It's been decades since I've tried one, mostly because I've always been such a failure at them.  I tend to get lost in Lamentations somewhere.  But this one is different.  I've been using an app called You Version.  This way it allows me to either listen to it or read it.  Sometimes I have the discipline to get up extra early and sit down and read it.  But I can also do it as a part of what I'm already doing.  For example, this morning, I listened to my 10 chapters as I got ready and made the kid's breakfast.  And the cool part is that the kids got to listen to the tail end of it.  Practically, what I love about reading it on my phone or ipad is that I don't have to flip between the 10 different chapters.  It keeps track of what I've read for me.  I even set up a reminder that tells me I need to do my reading.

I've been surprised with how much I've enjoyed it.  To be honest, it's been awhile since Scripture reading hasn't felt like just another task to accomplish, and another thing I was failing to do well. 

I may fail at this one too, but I'm off to a good start.  Ask me about it.  I'll take any accountability I can get.  Or better yet, join in on the fun!


Laurie J said...

what a great plan! i've just started in the new year, too. i'm reading thru the Bible chronilogically and so far it's been nice to have 1st chronicles mixed into genesis!! keep it up, bloggy friend

sarah said...

allan's doing this right now and he loves it too! maybe i'll try it!

Niki said...

I love it too. I am over 50% through.

Niki said...

I have also appreciated the Fighter Verses app for Bible memory. I think you would like it as well. You can hear the Scriptures to song as part of the app, and it has quizzes.

Niki said...

They are easier than Dr. Foos quizzes : )

Corri Peterson said...

I use You Version too! What did we do before all this technology? It is so helpful for mommies w/ little ones. Good luck w/ the reading plan. I am anxious to hear how it goes!!