Thursday, April 24, 2014


You may get tired of these Lately posts, but I somehow feel like I need to record these sweet little moments somewhere.  
We had the stomach virus this winter.  It was bad.  First the throwing up, and then laying around for days without eating.  But there's always the Duggars to keep you company!

We also watched all of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea.  The boys liked it more than they thought I would. 

These sweet little baseball players making a flower shop. 

Next was Nathan.  His brother felt so bad for him that he bought him new toys at Target.  Gifts are this boys love language.  We have a strict, "You stay in the bathroom until you are done throwing up" rule in our house.  We make it real comfortable for them though.

In the meantime, the rest of us did a lot hanging out, playing cards, finishing puzzles, and such.

Next was Graham.  

And then Nathan had a relapse.  Poor baby.

Asher somehow got a free frap at Starbucks.  We both LOVE free stuff so this was very exciting for us.

I was doing dishes and turned my head to find this.  Just another day as a boy mom.

These three have been playing together since they were five.  

He still does this during most tournaments.  All day… playing with toys in the dirt.

And he still brings me flowers anytime he finds some.

I think I may see him like this, even when he's a grown man.

He wanted to do a Bible Study with him.  And I'm glad to have someone in the family who appreciates nice handwriting and fun pens.

These three are good buds

I love lingering after dinner.

And peaceful slumber.

I originally bought this t-shirt for Graham.  And now it fits him. 

Lots of time hanging out at various baseball fields.  One pretending to fish.  One throwing the ball up in the air.

Blue, blue skies.  And a cute, cute boy.

Ready for our staycation.

We love Hurley House sparkle sandwich cookies.

Doesn't he look like Schroeder?  The Snoopy character :)

My favorite ten-year old.

And my favorite five-year old.

He would sit and play cards for hours.  He calls solitaire "solitary."

Special time at the park with just him.

Our sweet Classical Conversations Essentials class.

Fun running in the woods.

Kite flying in the country.

See what I mean?  He loves dirt.

My mom with them at the park.  She's so fun.

And just one more for good measure :)


Rebecca Thomas said...

What little kid doesn't love dirt?!? I feel like I have a comment for each of these pictures! Love you guys, hope to see you soon!

Teresa said...

I was just thinking I needed to watch Anne of Green Gables because a couple quotes have been running through my head. Except in our house, it was always a sure way to get the boys out of the room, not get them to join us!

Krista Sanders said...

I love the pictures of YOU with the boys. So pretty and handsome. ; )