Monday, April 14, 2014

Our "Spring Break" Staycation

As everyone was posting pictures of their family on chairlifts in Colorado or from beaches in Florida, I was feeling mighty jealous.  We didn't take a Spring Break.  Even more than my desire to take a spring break is my desire to be DONE with school.  And I'd rather take a vacation in the summer when the weather is nice.  But I was dying to go somewhere.  So we did, for about 36 hours, plan a little getaway.  We went to Target and bought about $5 worth of water toys, threw our swimsuits in a bag and checked into the hotel.  It was crowded because of Spring Break, but that's okay.  The kids didn't notice and I had fun watching them play in the water for hours at a time.  It wasn't very glamorous but it was just what the spring fever doctor ordered.  The kids didn't even know a lot of their friends had gone to exotic places and they thought their little spring break was "amazing!"

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