Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a wonderful Easter.  It was simple and sweet.  I pulled the Easter baskets out of the garage.  On Wednesday, I made a run to Half-Priced Books and Target.  Half-Price Books vintage book section had so many treasures.  I found perfect books for everyone.  At Target, I bought them all a pencil, a matchbox car, and a fairly small amount of candy.  

This year I was inspired by Emily at The Anderson Crew.  We thought of a verse for each of the boys to encourage them for the year… or maybe it was something they needed to work on… it was different for each boy.  I plan to tape them up in their beds so they can read them as they go to sleep.

Nathan was the first one to wake up and see the baskets.  He was a little more than excited!

He loves getting gifts!

Sweet Joseph.

Asher read his verse out loud.

And Samuel read his verse.

Nathan was more excited about the Peeps than his verse.

Graham's book.  This book is so him, complete with a wolf on the cover.  I love the illustrations in vintage books.

I even found a sports book for Asher.

Our sweet friends from church "egged" us.  The boys loved this.

This is our attempt at a family photo.  It wasn't a windy day, but during this picture it was.  Well, it's the thought that counts!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!


TORI said...

What a great family photo Sarah!! You will treasure it in the years to come!!

Angie said...

Great tip for looking at Half Priced Books! I've never been there, but I should totally check it out. Also, I love the verse card for each kid. You're so inspirational:)

Krista Sanders said...

Love all of it! So happy to spend our Easter with you guys!! (Love your banner -- and, of course, the books!)