Thursday, January 30, 2014


This one has been rocking his Explode the Code, eyes crossed and all.

It being a new semester and all, I had to pull out some new pencils to celebrate.  Something has to feel new and exciting.

These kids love each other enough to eat bean soup together.  
Excuse the mop bucket in the background :)

Superman lives on.

Sleeping under the tree is even fun in the middle of January.

I'm not sure why my kids love Aunt Judy so much.

I put my running shoes on a couple Saturdays ago thinking for sure it would make me go… but it didn't.  The day got away from me.  Ugh.  I need to start exercising again, but haven't. 

I did some school restructuring with some homemade chex mix and diet coke and Ellie Holcomb pandora.

This one read his first book all by himself.

This one had bed hair of the century.

I had hot tea by the fire with my plaid pants on.  It's all a great combination.

Nathan's favorite baby, Miss Hannah Jane, has been carried around the house… sometimes with a spatula.

What do you think of this mirror above our mantle?  Do you like it or is it too wow?

I had a date with these two.

He's been sleeping on the couch a lot and it's so so cute.

These boys loved spending time outside with good friends.

He had to endure my favorite furniture store.  But these army guys really really helped.

This is how I woke up one morning.  I think the massage chair has put him in some kind of relaxation trance.

Cutest thing ever//a little boy who brings his mommy flowers.

Samuel added this to my grocery list.  

Wrestling in the kitchen.

My friend Jen came over all the way from the jungles of Uganda.

This is what the playroom looks like after a home school day.  Creativity=Mess.

We had some visitors last weekend.

Oh the fun these three had.

Making happy messes outside.  And this is before we started in with the glitter.

A few Valentines things are making an appearance.

And we're doing school and waving pots on the counter in a suit that is now three sizes too small.  

Living the dream… it's what we've been doing lately :)


Krista Sanders said...

I love all of it. Happy to be on Instagram with you. I feel like “oh, yeah- I know that.” Very satisfying. Love the 22 rifle request-- love the mirror! Would you paint it? I am liking the podium next to you! And B could rival that hair of N’s! Those are some of my favorite pictures. And I like your “dream”. A lot.

Niki said...

It's a grand dream, and I like the mirror!

Teresa said...

Oh, the green couch. I had forgotten about the green couch!

TORI said...

As someone who goes out and shoots from time to time. I definitely appreciated the add on to the list. Pesto, chips, laundry detergent and guns. What could go wrong with that?! ;o) And I would paint the mirror too. :o)