Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Because You Always Remember Your First Date

Remember this post from a couple of weeks ago.  Well, Sallie and Judy had a really great idea.  In honor of them wanting to dress and act like grown men, they decided to get all dressed up and eat at a fancy restaurant.  Graham and Samuel were so excited.  Who wouldn't be?
We took some cute pics on the porch swing ;)

They were given strict instructions from their father about how to act on a date.  They were super excited to do things like open the car door.  Graham even had a credit card tucked in his wallet to pay for dinner.  They were a little thrown off by the booth, because they were told to make sure that you pull out the chair for your date.  So many obstacles to being mannerly.

This was Samuel telling Judy how many people had complimented them.  Everyone from the waiter to the valet to random people eating at the restaurant.

They came home brimming with stories and smiles of their first time out on the town in their new suits. 

Thanks, Sallie and Judy, for loving our kids!

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Krista Sanders said...

What else can you say but precious?