Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chilly Days

January in Texas is finicky.  It's hot and then it's warm, and then it's raining, and then it's cold.  Then it repeats itself.  A vicious cycle.  We like to build fires outside when it's cold.  First we dug through our winter clothes and found some old memories.  
This one loved finding his baby hat.  It's a bit small for his head now.

Here he is in his hat just a few years ago.
Oh the drama this baby was… but I would love to go back in time and hold this baby Cry Cry.

There's something about boys and fires.  Just to build one, and listen to it, and stand around it.

It may even put you right to sleep.

I mean, I can't believe he fell asleep.  It scared for a for a few seconds because he was SOUND asleep.

Graham wanted a posed shot with his ax.

And then he wanted an action shot.  Very manly :)

And the wolf hat.  I couldn't pass it up when I saw it at Target.

A cute little Wolfe with just a smudge of s'more on his face.

Hope you are keeping warm on this cold Texas day!


Rebecca Thomas said...

Love! are missing a kid...unless Joseph grew really fast, then Chris isn't in the pictures.

Niki said...

That is crazy that Asher fell asleep. So many good pics.

nikko said...

Finicky is a good word for it! It is coooold today! Some of us never left the house today! ;o)

Krista Sanders said...

I can’t believe he fell asleep either!!! Love the little hat on Samuel-- and Nathan!