Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas with Papa and Tandy 2013

I know we're all WAY over Christmas!  I know I am, but I need to get these memories written down before I forget.  So you'll just have to put up with me for this week, okay?  In the last two weeks, we've had Christmas (three different times), celebrated two birthdays, and made a road trip to Minnesota and back.  Tomorrow morning (Monday) we start back to school.  I'm ready.  We need some structure back in our lives.  But I haven't even finished the laundry, but here I sit listening to the kids practice piano (This is the part of music lessons that is harder on the parent than the child).  They have a competition coming up so we need to get a head start.  

Here's what you have to look forward to.  Today is Christmas with Papa and Tandy day.
Tuesday is Christmas with just our family.
Wednesday is Christmas in Minnesota
Thursday is Graham and Samuel's birthday post.
Friday is the discussion/lament of why I stood in line for over an hour for Jopie and Nathan to see Santa.

So let's get to Christmas with Papa and Tandy.  They came the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with us.  They bless us every year and this Christmas was no exception. 
Nathan in his Christmas attire.  Adorable.

That hat.  It's a legend.

We now have the coolest socks ever.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because a couple days before Christmas I went through ALL of our socks and purged them.  So now we have nice, new, fresh socks.  Why does something like that feel so good?

Asher with his new socks.  

Jopie is always good for some excitement.

And hugs.

Samuel unwrapping his...

Let's just call this the Christmas of the remote control car.  They all got one and they had the most fun zooming them up and down the driveway.  And I love that they have more fun things to do OUTSIDE!

My lovely scarf.

Graham loves these two.

Especially because they gave him a Lego.

It only took us two years to get this matted and framed.  This was from the World Series game they went to that year that the Rangers broke our hearts.

These two got a BIG car.

Can you tell they were a little excited? :)

After present opening, we needed to get out the house.  So we headed to the new and improved downtown Fort Worth.
We had intended to eat a late lunch at Five Guys, but instead decided on Reata.  It was such a treat to sit and have a leisurely lunch like that.  Since we were eating at 2:30, it was empty so we sat at one of their round tables and ate and talked and ate some more.

They wanted their picture taken next to the mural.

Papa even treated us to dessert.  This made him very, very happy.

Desserts from Reata are enough to make anyone happy!

We had to wait a LONG 18 hours for the battery to charge so he sat in his car, happy as can be for almost the whole night.

A visit wouldn't be complete without some wrestling by the Christmas tree.

I'm not sure Papa had everything under control here.  But we sure had fun watching him.

Next up, Christmas morning!


Teresa said...

Is that one of your boys without pants on?! :)

I just did a whirlwind two days of posting for Christmas (and earlier in December) so I know how you feel!

Krista Sanders said...

I want your scarf.