Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Springtime in the Yard

The weather this spring has been amazing.  While the North got snow in April and May, we got some unseasonable coolness.  And we've loved every bit of it.  

One of the things that the boys, especially the littlest ones, love to do is to find little creatures, like this snail.

Or this caterpillar.

This caterpillar is particularly amazing.

My grandmother went on a vacation and sent the boys t-shirts.  They change color in the sun!

They love them, GiGi... thank you!!

Oh, the roly polies.  I think they were made for little boys and girls to play with.  They are so fun... and plentiful., and can curl themselves into tiny little balls for protection.

Like when you play with them like this.  

Or you can let them crawl all over you.

Kinda gross, but Charlotte Mason would approve.

Grateful for this lovely spring.


Elma said...

uggg boys and bugs:) My boys do the same thing.

Kathryn Hinkle said...

I love the last picture if you and Nathan... So cute!

Krista Sanders said...

You are the poster mom for Charlotte Mason.