Friday, May 17, 2013

Renaissance Man, and a giveaway update

Let me give you an update on the Starbucks giveaway.  I'm going to announce the winners on Monday.  This week got away from me because a few of us were sick.  So comment if you want to comment for your chance to win a Starbucks gift card.  I won't draw names until Sunday night.  You're chances of winning are great as of right now, like 1/8.  So leave a comment already :)

Back to the point of this post.

Boys are a mystery to me.  I didn't grow up spending a lot of time with boys.  I pretty much stuck with my girlfriends.  I find it quite ironic that I'm completely surrounded at this point, by all of these boys.  I'm learning a lot, especially because all my boys are so different.  My five are all completely different.  Same parents, but five different boys.

Asher is my Renaissance man.  He likes to cook and craft as much as he loves sports.  He would be equally exited to go to Sports Authority as he would to go to Hobby Lobby.  I find it quite hilarious.  
His newest hobby is scoring games.  He LOVES the Rangers.  Ask him about it.  He'll tell you.  Chris is in heaven because Asher can talk sports as well as the next guy.  He sits like this for 3 hours (if we let him) and keeps track of every play, and keeps his own stats.  

He built this fort the other day.  It has beds for all his brothers and they slept out there, with his little radio listening to the Ranger game, keeping stats.

I can't believe they were all sleeping in there.  It was cold that night.  So cold we woke them up around 1:30 and put them in their beds.

Found them the other night like this at about 11:30.  One of the benefits of doing school at home is in the spring we can let them sleep in a little.  To me, this is the stuff that childhood is made of, and I'm willing to start school a little later in the day so they can have these memories.

Just last night sharing that mega huge hot dog.  Gross, but good male bonding.

Scoring the game last night.

And this is how he crafts baseball.   Stadium after stadium.  

Yes, we buy tape and construction paper at Costco.
I think I keep that place in business.

The older they get, boys are becoming less of a mystery to me.  
Asher turns ten in about a month.  I'm sure not ready for him to be ten.  
But as his momma, I also can't wait to see what he'll become.  Right now he says he wants to be either a sports announcer or an architect.  Two different directions.  Which passion will he follow?  I'm just not sure, but I'm excited to find out.


Grace from said...

Sarah, I LOVED this post! I think you should add "Entertainer of Babies at Baseball Games" to Asher's job list. :)

Grace from said...

By the way, I crafted structures like that CONSTANTLY as a kid. My Dad always joked he should buy stock in Scotch tape. :)

P.S. I am happy to take him to Hobby Lobby any time.

Keri Osterberg said...

That is so sweet! My boys are just now becoming little people. :) So exciting to see them grow and change and learn how to pray for them more specifically. I love the baseball stadium. My Justin needs to spend time with him. :)

Krista Sanders said...

I love this post on Asher--- so my question now is, where is that stadium today?