Monday, May 20, 2013

And the Winners Are...

I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed reading all your comments.  They were all so encouraging!  It made me want to keep blogging.  It made me want to write a post on why I blog, if anything, to remind myself why I do it.  And your comments gave me ideas for future blog posts.  It makes it easier for me to want to write about something when you ask for it.

On to the results... :)
Asher was my helper yesterday.  We wrote the names down on little scraps of paper.  
There were 38 names.

Hi Asher.

We drew names this morning.  The kids drew the $5 winners.
Beware:  Some serious morning face is about to come upon you.  I had to make the pictures black and white because we looked so pathetic :)
Nathan drew Mel4 who said:
Happy Blogiversary! Yeah for Chris talking you into keeping it up, I love you blog! Yeah for Starbucks too!
I love your posts about your house and what you are doing to it, (it gives me great ideas! =) Also, I love all the pics of the boys and the occasional series you do like the month of cookies, and the posts about recipes. I love that you mix it up and write about different things. Your blogs helps me know more about you and I love that!
Something about me??? When I was younger I wanted to write children's book's. I actually wrote a few rough drafts but never had the courage to do anything with them. =) And, I have a love for dill pickles. Funny I know!
Love you and your precious family and your blog!

Asher drew TheMasons who said:
I've loved following your blog! My favorite posts are the ones about your home improvements or fun/school activities you do with your boys. We also recently lost a baby girl and I have found so much encouragement from you. Thank you for your honesty and happy bloggiversary!

Graham drew Angie who said:
Happy Blogiversary Sarah! I just enjoy keeping up on your life:) I do love the recipes you share and just how you transparently share from your heart. I first read the name I want to name our baby (due in 3 weeks) on your blog, too! We'll see if my husband comes around:)

Samuel drew Stephanie who said:
I love that you share your heart and faith. I too, am a mother of boys and it encouraging to know I can do it also. 
I live in Spokane, wa and have been reading your blog for about 6 months now. I heard about it from a friend.

Joseph drew Keri Osterberg who said:
Hi Sarah! I love to read your blog. I guess I love it because of all the boys and it helps me realize that my own craziness is sort of normal. I love the blogs on boys and on school. 
You know I'm not sure what to share about myself. Maybe that one day I secretly hope to have a food blog not just a family blog :) Keep up the writing, you have listeners! 

And I drew the $25 winner.

Drum roll please.
Elena who said:
I like your cookies recipes posts
Something about me:I am a stay at home Mom who enjoys photography and cooking

Winners, please email me your address so I can put the cards in the mail!!

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Krista Sanders said...

Such sweet words from your readers, SW. Your ministry goes beyond the people you can touch physically. Yes, your ministry-- doing life the way God called you to do it! Keep writing!! We'll have that conversation soon.