Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduation Party!

A close friend of mine gave a lovely shower for a friend's daughter.  She asked me to come and take pictures and I happily obliged.

I have friends who really know how to throw a party.  I'm more of a "come over and make yourself at home" kind of a party thrower.  But I always wished I had the creative juices to make these kinds of events happen.  Lots of attention were given to details that this high school graduate would appreciate.  And it was such sweet party, I wanted to share the details with you :)
It was such a pretty table.

Notice the cute little photo bomber :)

Yummy food.

Books were incorporated in the theme.

Refreshing drinks.

And an overall great place to have a party.

The graduate with her mom and sisters... they are all gorgeous.  It's hard to pick out the mother in this picture, they all look like sisters :)

Sweet girls taking pictures of each other.

Moms' friends.  As a side note.  I totally remember my gradation party and that my parents' friends came.  Are those days just around the corner for me?  Yikes!  And blue was the color choice of the day.

There was video playing in the pool house.  One of the things I loved about this shower was that there were many generations present to encourage her.

This board was my favorite part of the party.  The hostess had asked everyone to email her a word or phrase that describe Brooke.

I would be in a pile of tears if people said these things about my kids when they were 18.

There were some powerful words.

People were given the opportunity to share with her their word and why they picked it.  In a group of women this size, of course there were tears.  

Oh to be 18 again with the whole wide world in front of you.

I hardly know you, Brooke, but you have a strong foundation in the Lord.  It was a pleasure to witness you being celebrated :)  Congratulations.


TJ Wilson said...

S - your photography is a gift - to me and to Brooke! Loved sharing that day with you. Can't believe we've progressed from baby showers to graduation showers already. Whew!

Niki said...

It will be here in no time. What a gift, all that you captured.

Niki said...
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mark lawrence said...

Hey, this is one of the best graduation parties I have ever seen. My sister will also be hosting her graduation party in the next month and she has already begun with the party planning in advance. She has made her mind to reserve the most beautiful New York venues for this custom bash.