Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thompson Visit.

My college friend, Niki, drove all the way from Branson to see me last weekend.  She brought along a few spare childrens with her.  She is the proud mother of ten kiddos.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She does have ten kids.  She brought along her two oldest boys and her youngest little guy.  We had eight boys in the house and it was a fun, lively weekend.
Getting the house ready for guests was part of the fun.  When you've spent eight hours in the car, you need a homemade chocolate cake to greet you.

We HAD to go to In-N-Out.  Perfect boy restaurant.  Cheap, outdoors, and fun hats and stickers as a bonus.

I think this is perhaps the worst picture of me I've ever seen, but I'll put it out in cyberspace anyway, because it's the only one I have of us at our big race... a 5k here in Fort Worth.  It was lots of fun, and lots of free stuff and the end... making it a great way to start a Saturday morning.

Niki had never been to Anthro, so we had to go.

And Torchy's Taco.  Yum.  Yum.  We ate every bit of that queso.

Had to take her to Brewed.

And Trader Joes.

And what's a weekend with the Wolfes without a baseball event (or 2 or 3 or 4).

We pulled our table outside to play ping pong, because we could.

And on the last evening, we had to do a photo shoot.  That tenth baby needs his own special pictures.

My kids loved baby Branch.  He was like a celebrity around here.

Branch was such a good sport with all my boys kissing him and loving him all the time.

Isn't he a doll?

Moms of boys, you know how boys are so uncooperative for pictures.  This was the best we could get. But at least we tried.

This was Asher after they pulled out of the driveway.  He was crying and didn't want anyone to see.  He was going to miss baby Branch so much :(

It was the perfect visit.  Happy to see them come.  Sad to see them leave.
When can we do it again?


Rebecca Thomas said...

Love all of it!! Wish I could have made it over there while they were here!

Krista Sanders said...

What great pictures! Can I come stay with you-- bring my youngest and oldest and do all of that stuff?? ; )
Sweet friends-- glad it was so fun.

Niki said...

Glad we captured so many of our events. I love the pictures of Branch, and that I was in some of them. It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you Sarah. It was so good to finally hug you and cry with you, face to face. So sad it had to come to an end. Thanks Chris for letting Sarah and I disappear for many hours at a time, while you took care of all the boys!!!