Monday, April 8, 2013

They Broke Our Hearts

I wrote this last two falls ago after the Rangers lost the World Series, but forgot to post it... it only seemed appropriate today as the Rangers begin a new season.


The Rangers did.  They broke our hearts.  When you live in a home with 6 boys, you have to realize that these things, sports things, are important.  I didn't know how much sports can affect your life.

Samuel at a game with me earlier on in the season.

Nathan watching the game.

While another one "keeps stats."

Playoffs come, and stadiums are made.

Halloween costumes are chosen.
Well, actually, we chose this mainly b/c we didn't have to buy anything.

A father and son get to attend game 4 together.

It's a memory they won't forget.

And then game 6 came along, and broke all of our hearts.
I had told them if/when the Rangers won, they could jump on the couch, then run up and down the street in their underwear.
When Neftali was pitching that final inning, we were standing on the couch.
Then we quietly sat down.
Then Hamilton batted in 2 and we were hopeful again.
Then we sat down again.

We are still fans.

World Series 2013?
Come on boys!

Sweet Samuel, just last night, conked out before the Ranger game was over (we had recorded it and were watching it later).  He had to wake up at 6:30 for a baseball tournament on Saturday and Sunday, and then went to the TCU baseball game, and then the day ended watching the Rangers.  This one never tires of baseball events :)


Krista Sanders said...

Awful, awful night--
but really great pictures! "run in the street in their underwear"-- don't EVER say you aren't a fun Mom. ; )

TJ Wilson said...

they broke our hearts too, sarah! that'll take some time to forget. Go Rangers!