Thursday, April 11, 2013


There's no meaning to this post.
But I love photography and how it captures moments.  Moments like these...
Socks on his hands during a cold baseball games.

Bangs in his face.

Porch swing chats.

Excitement before our Easter basket search.

Backyard whiffle ball with Papa.

Their cute faces up close.


Dressed up and ready for the game, excited to have Tandy come watch.


Games on the back porch.

My reader.

And this one.  He knows he has his mommy wrapped around his finger.

We have special guests coming today and we're so excited, but I guess I should start the school day, so we can start picking up the house.  It really needs it.  Nathan got out the Playmobil toys yesterday and they are somehow all over the house.

Happy Thursday!


TJ Wilson said...

These pictures make me smile. You do a fantastic job capturing them.

Krista Sanders said...

Do I type "love these pictures" every time?!? And "such handsome boys" too? How about "oh, that Nathan..."?? I love what the camera captures too. Moments lost, otherwise. Now, if I could only have a voice recorder on at all times.... maybe not. Love this post.