Monday, November 5, 2012

Ode to Justin and Rebecca

We met Rebecca during our first year at Kamp.  Joseph took a special liking to her, saying things like this to break my heart, "I love Becca more than you, Mommy."  She attended Baylor at the time, and we saw her every so often when we would go to a game, or she would come home for the weekend, and drop by Fort Worth to say hi.  So sweet.

 Pics from the Kanakuk days.

He LOVES her!

Dropping by one of his baseball games.

This particular day we got to meet Justin.  We were unsure at first whether anyone would be good enough for Rebecca, but Justin quickly won us over, like in 5 minutes.  Over the next couple years, she and Justin would always call when they came home from college for the weekend.

Or we would see them at Baylor events, like at this football game.

Go Bears!  (And where did that toothless grin go?  I miss it).

Rebecca is a servant.  Like one day she called and asked what I was doing that day.  We were in the middle of house building and I didn't have a free moment that day.  So she offered to take all 5 of the boys to the museum while I was getting my stuff done.  Who does that?  

She later kept the boys over night at her apartment so I could get some packing done and then helped me pack another day.

And THEN... have you heard enough yet?  When our moving weekend was going south, I made a SOS call to Justin and Rebecca, and they came over and helped me move the final stuff over (a lot of stuff) in 100 degree heat.

This was our first meal at the house.

Loved that they were there with us.

Thank you, sweet friends, for serving us, for being our friends, and for loving on our boys.  You are a blessing and I can't wait to see the rest of your lives together unfold.

And in another post, coming soon, their wedding day, and Joseph, the adorable ring bearer :)


Rebecca Thomas said...

Sarah! We love you guys so much and miss you! We will have to make time to see you soon! Thank you for saying all of those wonderful things! We love you and your family so much! You guys are such a blessing to us!

Niki said...

Wonderful Rebecca!

Krista Sanders said...

Wow Wow Wow! True beauty .... inside and out.