Friday, November 30, 2012

Five on the 5th {September edition}

 I know it's almost Christmas but I have some posts to catch up on.  This is one of the first times we were able to enjoy our new back yard.  We found this slip and slide during the move.  I think I bought it on sale post season a couple years ago and then forgot about it.  The boys were more than happy to throw on their suits and and dive in.  

I love this photo because they are all together having so much fun
Such a fun way to beat the late-summer heat.

And I can't help but show you the rest of the sequence.

Because sweet Joseph...

He's just so darn cute.

Thank you for all of your kind comments and emails about my last post.  I'm working on writing more, but it's a slow process.  Right now, I'm enjoying these five little guys immensely as we slowly begin our Christmas traditions.  God has been so good to us.

Tomorrow is December 1.  Can you believe it??
Happy weekend!


Blairish said...

I think I am a "My Life" junkie. Anytime I see a new post I drop whatever I am doing to read it. I find myself encouraged, exhorted, humored and touched by the things you capture in your photos, your musings and your honest, real-life depiction of life at your house. Thanks so much. What a better alternative to the Desperate Housewives that the world has to offer!

Niki said...

I love the progression! Every month my phone reminds me to take my "9 on the Ninth, " but I have only taken one, in January. Well, maybe, I have done one or 2 more a couple days late. And yes, I know, it should be "10 on the tenth" now. Thanks for always encouraging me to be faithful with pics. Remember how you always used to make doubles for me, my faithful friend.

Krista Sanders said...

Love picture number 2.