Friday, November 18, 2011


This one came out the womb loving coffee.  Maybe it's because one of the few sweet treats I could enjoy while pregnant was an iced coffee from McDonalds.  I had gestational diabetes with him and McDonalds was the only coffee establishment at our little country exit, so for $1.69, I could get a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee.  It was such a yummy treat in those months where every grain of sugar or flour that would touch my lips would make my blood sugar sky rocket.  For all you diabetics out there, it gave me an appreciation for the difficulty of the lifestyle decisions you have to make.  

Anyway, back to coffee.
This is Cry Cry at 11 months drinking his grandfather's Starbucks, just black coffee with a little creamer. The kind that puts hair on your chest.

Drinking it like it was water.

Even today, he begs for a cup when I'm pouring mine.

Being the good mother that I am, sometimes I give him a cup.  Now he asks for it "with milk."

I just love his chubby hands on that mug.

Good to the last drop.  

Always good to enjoy that morning cup with you.
Hope we can enjoy this tradition for MANY years to come.


Teresa said...

I remember when Graham wanted Diet Coke with a straw :)

Danell said...

Clare and Lucy LOVE coffee, but they would never drink it with no sugar... that's crazy!

Elsa said...

Grandpa and I would LOVE to have a cup of coffee with NATHAN...or for you with that matter. :0 Miss you all. Mom

Krista Sanders said...

Wow-- new one to me. I didn’t know that about Nathan. I will be sure to hide my little white cup next time. ; )