Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you don't like seeing pictures of Samuel, you should keep web surfing right now.
I just have a hard time narrowing down my picture selection.
I have so many fun shots.  I promise, I tried to keep it to a minimum.  But as his mother, I probably got a little carried away.
I mean, look at that face.  So excited to put on that super cool uniform and play his first game.

He NEVER tires of baseball.

He also snapped a lot this season.  Maybe a nervous habit while he looked on from the dugout.

His hottie first base coach.

His spectators.  In the June Texas heat, this is a labor of love.

He'll need extensive dental work after all the candy he was fed to keep him happy.

His spot on the field this year.  He loves playing first.

We didn't win any tournaments.  We were third in the first tournament and second in the next.
Samuel takes these kind of things very hard.

A little too hard.  

But at least the 2nd place trophy was nice and tall.  It takes some of the pain away from losing.

A good season was had by all.  Chris worked hard.  Samuel worked hard.

But let's be honest, I worked the hardest... washing baseball uniforms, packing snacks, entertaining the littles.  Being a baseball mom is hard work.

But for these two guys, it was all worth it.
More on Asher's team later.


Liz said...

That last pic is awesome!

Summer Jones said...

Amen sister friend!

Krista Sanders said...

You DEFINITELY worked hardest!!! Love that pic!!

Melissa said...

Sarah the photos make me tear up. And then laugh. I need to go to a baseball game with you and learn how you get those beautiful shots. The brother photo at the end....oh my goodness.