Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Minnesota Instagram

I didn't take too many pictures with my real camera in Minnesota.  It was nice to simply enjoy the moments.  I did, however, have my phone with me, and snapped pictures of the things we did that I wanted to remember.
[from to left to right]

1.  My view peeking through the woods on a morning run.
2.  Feeding the ducks with Grandma.
3.  Cousin strawberry picking, later to be made into freezer jam.
4.  My 4th of July date with Samuel to Caribou (kids drinks were free!)
5.  My old apartment building.  I spent hours talking to Chris on the phone in there.  Mine was the lower right hand window.  Tarrah and Chandra, we had some good laughs in those walls, yes?
6.  Hanging out by Cannon River in Northfield.
7.  Spending GiGi's Christmas money at LegoLand at the MOA.  I made them wait until the summer to spend it.  It was extra fun.  Thanks GiGi!
8.  Bike rides.  Lots of bike rides.
9.  Asher's completed Lego project.

1.  Cars 2 Mural at the Disney Store.
2.  In front of the American Doll Girl Store.  They almost wouldn't sit on the steps because it was too girly.
3.  Graham riding by himself on the log ride.  They all got to pick 3 rides.  He was the only one who wanted to do the log ride twice.  Typical Graham.  He knows exactly what he wants and goes for it.
4.  Cry Cry had to have his Mommy come and pry his little fingers off the steering wheel when the ride stopped.  Kind of sweet that he loved it so much.  Kind of a good reminder that I need train him better so he stops embarrassing me in public.
5.  He still LOVES his Papa.
6.  The Carousel (totally had to look up how to spell that, but now I know).
7.  Kiddie Cars.
8.  And bumper cars.
9.  And swings.

1.  Precious time with Grandma at Centennial Lakes, one of my old high school hang outs.
2.  Little creek running through an Edina neighborhood during my run.  So pretty.
3.  Cry Cry strawberry "picking."  I think he ate about 2 pounds out of my bucket.
4.  An older gentlemen with his motorized sail boat being sweet to the boys and sailing over by us.
5.  Bye bye Minnesota!
6.  Love how he sleeps.
7.  At West Elm, checking out light fixtures.  Do you like this one?
8.  We just had to go to Trader Joes.
9.  My Anne of Green Gables bridge.  Unfortunately, growing up, I had no Gilbert.  Fun to see my boys on there now.

Can you tell it was a great trip.  Thanks, Mom & Dad, for hosting and serving us.
Oh, and collages compliments of picnik.

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