Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Friday {Northfield}

This is a typical night in Northfield, Minnesota.  At the Culvers.
Texas doesn't have Culvers.  That's a very sad thing.  But at least we have Chick Fil A.
I think these grandparents should be happy.  To get these 7 gorgeous grandkids out of their 2 children.

Their frozen custard is very yummy.  My fav is plain ole vanilla with raspberries.

I'm seeing a baby bird.

This one loves his grandma.

Uncle Bryan is their only uncle.

And Aunt Tess their only aunt.

1.... 2.... 3.... 

All 7. 

Thanks Northfield and Culvers for a great night!


Anne said...

Such a bunch of cute kids! And Rich and Joyce, of course! :)
So sad we didn't get to see you while you were here but glad you had a good time here even without us. ;)

Great photos. :)

Dathel said...

Thank you for sharing! I love it!!

RAEddy said...

We do have Culvers! There is one in McKinney right next to the movie theatre= middle school friday night hang out! haha. I looked on their website, and the closest one to Ft worth is in flower mound, which isnt too close, but thought I'd let you know!

Summer Jones said...

I see where blue eyes come from!

Krista Sanders said...

ALL the pictures, the instagrams-- LOVE THEM!! You’re so savvy. I think we need to visit Minnesota next summer!!