Friday, January 14, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

The holidays are over.  Christmas decorations are put up.  It's cold outside.  School is in full force.  Normal life has resumed.  I was dreading it, but after a couple days in, I was surprised with how much I like what we normally do.  It suites me, even the making of massive amounts of pb & j.  For these little guys, even the mundane is sweet.
Assembly line lunch preparation for a picnic on the front lawn.

The picnic.

Poor little girl.  Couldn't find any girl stuff to play with at our house.
But she may run for vice-president one day.

Math while I make dinner.

Cry Cry peering in on Asher's math.

Jopie says have a great weekend.


nikki said...

ha! love the pic of avie- please send when you have a sec!!! another round of great photos- nw with the hat backwards is so cute!

Krista said...

Yes-- Avie wins this session. Great pics, SB! Oh, but Avie is WAY cuter than Sara P.

Katherine said...

We have those same math manipulatives AND the same pencils!! Just sayin'. :-) What curriculum do you use, by the way? Very curious as to what program / curriculum Asher was using on the computer.

Sarah said...

K, he was using Teaching Textbooks. They have never used the computer until now, but I needed the time to focus on other subjects (since you know good and well, Katherine, that there are only so many peaceful minutes in the day)! The thing I like about it is that I don't do a thing, except check their grade books to make sure that they are doing okay. With Saxon, math took 30-45 minutes of my time, and now I spend that time on English which they need more help in. Math is something they have never struggled with.
Maybe I'll do a post about the other stuff we are doing right now...
I'd be very interested in what you are doing too :)