Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby, It's cold outside.

Well, cold comes and goes in these here parts of Texas.  This last week was downright balmy.  Just yesterday I was sitting outside in my camping chair reading for almost an hour while the kids played, in short sleeves.  It felt amazing.  The week before that was cold (Texas cold) so we spent more time indoors than usual.  Here is some of what we did...

Some creative writing.

Grandpa came for a visit.  This is the state of our breakfast table when he is in town.

His view of the world.

Now the table's getting a little out of hand.


Sunday afternoon football.

Sunday afternoon nap by the fire.

Glow-in-the-dark puzzle.

Daddy's phone is always fascinating.

Grandpa with his grandsons.

Playing around the house.

And our week wouldn't be complete without a bit of cry-crying.

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Krista said...

Oh Wow-- love that last one. And the one with the audience of boys around C's phone....oh my!! What IS that about electronics??