Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Friday X

We made it to the great state of Minnesota.  We have bonded as a family for many, many, many hours in our minivan.  We left Saturday morning and ended up in Kansas City at our friends, the Rothwells, to stay Saturday night.  Their house is better than a 5-star hotel in my book.  Where else can you stop and get a delicious dinner upon arrival, a house full of toys and little boys for your kids to play with, blueberry pancakes in the morning, and good conversation with friends after the kids are all tucked away.  Thanks Mike & Sarah, for a fun night!

Their boys are GORGEOUS!

Jopie at Hotel Rothwell.  He looks pretty content, huh?

Playing after lunch somewhere in Iowa.  It was a true midwest moment.

After arriving at Grandma & Grandpa's, it was all smiles from our boys.  Finally, we were there!

Love being in the land of green, soft grass.

It's rare I catch this guy in a "real" smile, not a camera smile.  Therefore, I love this photo.

So happy playing catch with Grandma.

So he wasn't all full of smiles, but he rarely is.  I think he was happy on the inside, though.

There are many more photos, but I don't want to overload you with too many in one post.  Tomorrow, Twins game... new stadium.  Little boy and big boy heaven.


kellie said...

sarah, these are priceless! missing you guys all ready.

Claudia said...

I love your blog and your boys. I could 'eat them up' and I am hoping that they grow to be men of God. Who knows they might just like one of my beautiful grand daughters who I pray grow to be women of God :)

Love you!

Julie Ann Fee said...

overload me with pictures. your boys, i love! so looking forward to Sunday.
you are my inspiration as we will be leaving thursday driving to CO with our's possible and everyone still likes each other, good.

Catalano Family said...

What great memories. The boys will appreciate all of your great photos years from now.

Catalano Family said...

What priceless photos you take of your precious boys. Years from now, they will truly appreciate it.

Jennifer said...

I love all your posts..and I agree w/ Julie - overload us w/ pics!! I especially like the one where you write "a true midwest moment"! Complete w/ the American flag waving in the it.

Krista said...

Amazing smiles from ALL your boys. Love all the pics-- favorite one with all of them in that expanse with Chris with their gloves on!
I personally was happy to see the TEXAS shirt on Nay Nay!