Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Friday IX

This Photo Friday thing is really going to test my Roman numeral skills.

It was not an eventful week around here.  We have been trying to be disciplined in school because we are about to take a month off.  Early in the morning, while you are cozy in your beds, we are heading to Minnesota.  We hope to make it all the way, the whole 16 hours, but that all depends on Baby Cry Cry.  He is the unknown factor.  If you see a silver minivan on Interstate 35 with muffled screams coming out of it, it just might be us.  Keep your eye out.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our week.

The Weaver clan came in town for a tennis tournament.  It was so fun to watch Mindy (Chris' cousin) play, and to have an excuse to see them.

All my boys LOVE Uncle Mark.

Asher's clay creation.

We got to do an impromptu birthday party for baby William with the Thom family.  Their power was out and we loved having them for the day.  With their 3 boys, they fit right in to our family.

Movie night so the adults could eat dinner and talk.

What else do you do when it's 99 degrees outside, but swim...

Eat peaches...

Trade baseball cards...

And sleep off the fun events of the day.

Catch you all next week from Minnesota!


Jennifer said...

Even your "uneventful week" looked like a TON of fun!!! I love your pictures...keep up the hard work!

Krista said...

Loved them all! I hope you all made it the whole 16! Let us know how it went when you get a chance!

nikki said...

the last one is my sweet.