Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Friday VII

Well, the big day was yesterday... Asher's 7th birthday!  Tonight is the big party at the Ranger's Game.  If you are there tonight, look for the "Happy Birthday Asher!" on the big screen!  And please, please, pray for no rain.  I am a nervous mother watching the sky.

On to some photos from last night at the family celebration.  Asher requested having Sallie & Judy over, chicken drumsticks, stuffing from a box, watermelon, and cupcakes.  We ate, we played baseball in the yard, we sang and had cake, and topped off the evening with looking at Asher's baby book.  It was a great day.

Got to hang out at Daddy's office for a bit.

Yipee!  It's my birthday!

Love Aunt Sallie's iphone.

I have always loved his arm.  He has had good form since he was born.

This was his last night of hockey hair.  I cut it last night, just a trim.  My first hair cut ever.  I am sort of proud of myself, except for that spot by his ear that looks like his mother cuts his hair.

Hangin' out with Aunt Sallie.

The birthday cake & boy.

Looking through memories of his birth.

3 years ago.  I sort of miss him like this.
Happy Birthday, Asher!


Krista said...

Sweet party and wonderful pictures. Late night party tonight, huh??

nikki said...

you have 5 children, and you have baby books- with the pictures actually inside of it- instead of in a shoebox....i'm feeling like such a lame mother.
happy birthday asher!