Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Friday VIII

We had a great Fourth of July weekend.  Papa and Tandy made it special by coming for a visit, and even more special by taking the four older boys back to Lubbock with them to go to golf camp.  I don't know who had more fun, me having some peace and quiet in the house, or the Graham, Asher, Samuel and Joseph having a getaway to Lubbock, being spoiled by all our family there.

Thanks for loving our kids, Papa and Tandy.

He so wants to be Joe Mauer.

Graham's signature smile.

As they were leaving for Lubbock.  They seem pretty torn up about leaving Mom and Dad.  I think they are homesick already.

We hopped in the car and headed down to Austin to see our dear friends, while we only had Baby Cry Cry to consider.  What did we do with one child anyway?  I really don't remember.

We met these sweet friends when I was pregnant with Graham.  9 years and 8 kids later, between the two of us, where did those carefree days go?

These girls might very well create a "Legends of the Fall" type dynamic in our family.  But for this day, it was so fun to be around some little girls for a change.

Such a treat, Cry Cry, to have it be just you and me for a few days.  Love you.

Happy Friday everyone!  Hi Mom!  Hi Dad!  And whoever else happens to be here, thank you for stopping by.


Krista said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous! Everyone! Wow. So jealous you got to see C, K, S, and L! Love these Photo Fridays!

Teresa said...

funny how Graham's signature smile is almost identical to Chris's signature smile. Might they be related? :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness Sarah..I LOVE photo Fridays!! Thank you so much for sharing your life w/ all of us...

Angel said...

Love it! And that last photo of Cry Cry is absolutely gorgeous!