Friday, June 25, 2010

Photo Friday VI

This was our last night with Grandpa.  Half-priced fajitas at Pappasittos and Graham's game.  A good time was had by all.

Two of our favorite people came to visit.  Teresa (in the green) stopped by all the way from Illinois.  She used to live with us back when we just had three boys and Graham was only 3.  It seems like yesterday that we were just doing babies, and now look at these big kids.  Danell (in the pink), Teresa's bff from seminary, is infamous in our house.  We know her best as the girl that Graham said, "I hate you" to.  He was 4 and had just watched Nemo... you know the scene where Nemo tells his dad that he hates him (why does Pixar do that to us parents?)  We made him call Danell the next day and profusely apologize.  By the way Graham is leaning in, I would say all is well now.

Onto joyous occasions, we attended our friend Amanda's wedding.  The boys were very excited because her husband's name is Benjamin Franklin, and there are not many people who have been to Benjamin Franklin's wedding.  Aren't they handsome, by the way?  They were in heaven with the all-you-can eat fruit and all-you-can-drink lemonade.

You knew there would be baseball pictures, right?

Asher's famous pose, holding the ball HIGH up in the air to show the play MUST stop.

The tiniest player on the team.  Love him.

Graham got to play at the Dr. Pepper field right outside of where the Ranger's play.  There was music, an announcer, and below-ground dugouts.  Very big time for him!  And a special shout out to the Whiting family for making it to so many of his games.

Very serious.  And very much improved from last year when he most likely would have been playing in the dirt.

His lefty throw.

I love this photo because when I asked them to get in a picture together they threw their arms around each other.  My two oldest.  Polar opposites, but such good friends.

And last but not least.  I just love this one because it is just boys being boys, talking about boy things, playing catch with their daddy.

Happy Friday all!


nikki said...

love the one of asher and graham...think it's my favorite! good job keeping up with the blog!!

Krista said...

These are GREAT!!!!! I thought I was good at keeping up with life in pictures! Wow. Love them all and your comments are my favorite.