Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Friday V

Well, it's been an action-packed week around here.  Lots of baseball, sugar, and swimming makes for perfect summertime days.  Grandpa added extra fun to our week, too.  He has taken each kid on a special "date."  Graham chose to go to the Boy Scout store and buy a Swiss Army Knife (and it has been strapped to his belt ever since).  Asher picked the Science Museum.  Samuel chose to go hit some golf balls and get his own Dr. Pepper (I am forseeing lots of time on the therapist's couch over this one, "I only got my own Dr. Pepper when my grandpa came in town").  Joseph wanted to go to Target and buy a toy.  And Nathan, well, he didn't get a date, but he did get lots of special attention (that's what you get when you're the 5th child).

I love all these little guys.

Washing the bugs off of Bucky (Grandpa's truck).

I mean, aren't his blonde locks to die for?

Getting some 1st base coaching from Daddy.

Such an innocent little face.  Or maybe sad.  Maybe he was looking at the scoreboard which was not so much in our favor.

Making the stop.

Intense to make it home.

Grandpa and the baseball boys.

Thanks for spending the week with us, Dad!


Emily said...

love it! I have been anticipating all day for a new blog post from the Wolfes.

Julie Ann Fee said...

sweet boys....nathan has just so much hair and is so big. i need to smooch him.

Krista said...

These are GREAT pictures!! And way to go, Mr. Rich!! You gave those boys a FUN week--- and delighted your daughter. (Oh, and I have a thing for blonde locks..... big time.)