Wednesday, June 2, 2010

his favorite present

My husband is the hardest person to buy for.  Ever.  He really is.  He does not want much.  Gifts are not his love language.  When birthdays roll around, it is hard to come up with something that will wow him.  Well, our second born did it this year.  He thought and thought... what would Daddy want?  A Baylor baseball stadium of course.  Many hours and a roll of tape later and this is what he came up with.

the bird's eye view

the score board.  note to self... work on the letter 'c' tomorrow.

the building to the right is where players are taken when they are injured, or where women go when they are ready to have their baby.  that's what he said.

ticket stand

and another view

Thank you for making your daddy very happy this year, A!  To show your love and attention for the game made his day.


Chris said...

It really was my favorite. My favorite part is the hole-punched backstop netting. Love that kid!

nikki said...

"where the women go when it's time to have their baby?" oh my, abw, you are too much! this really is so great!

Anne said...

It's important to have a maternity ward/birthing barn in a stadium. Why has no one thought of this sooner?!

Krista said...

Best craft of 2010-- send it to "Family Fun" magazine and then tell me where are you storing/displaying this masterpiece?? (Oh and WAY to go on giving up control with the tape!)